Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saige GOTY 2013!

I got Saige GOTY 2013 today! I renamed her Lucia. Her full name is Lucia Sophie Copeland. She is stunning! I went to the store at 10:00(right when it opens) and saw Anttonina. I was too shy to say "Hi" though... :(.

 Did you know that they raised the price of a doll up to 110$? It's so ridiculous...but whatever.
 I TOTALLY recommend her. GET HER PEOPLE! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER! I also got a free doll TShirt with Saige--- things on it. It was really fun and cool. I did not get anything else other then the doll and the shirt. I hope you all had a great day on the 25th even if you don't celebrate Christmas. Thank god we survived the 21... haha.
                                                                      <3 Reagan