Wednesday, December 14, 2011

UPDATE!!!!!!! :)

Heyyy guys,

                 Its cayla sry we havent been post we have been try sooo hard to but school is suckin right now i have 1 HUGE test on fri then one on mon then on wens so i  am studyin. but good news :) we and reagan r goin to post a vid on youtube of our ag rooms. Reagans youtube is then the other one is ok they will prob be up in 20 days the MOST.... ima goin to michigan 4 christmas and thts a 10 hr drive but good news me and reagan will be skypin or like gmail chattin then so we can post stuuf we will probally do a vid on what we got 4 christmas vid..... u might now but ima goin to the ag doll place chicago with my BFFL MIA ima exided but wish reagan could come...... thx for readin this more posts to come......

                                   love Cayla <3 :)